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Firestone's RubberCover EPDM achieves ATEx certification

Firestone Building Products has been awarded an ATEx* Type A certification (no. 2242) from the French Scientific and Technical Center for Building (CSTB - Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment) for their RubberCover™ EPDM roofing system.

This certification is the first to be released on the French market for an EPDM roofing system designed specifically for residential projects. The CSTB is a guarantee of reliability for contractors and specifiers.

Firestone's RubberCover™ EPDM membranes are available in three standard roll sizes: 7.62 m x 3.05 m (23 m²), 7.62 m x 4.57 m (35 m²) and 7.62 m x 6, 10 m (46 m²). Custom-size sheets are also available. These large sizes considerably reduce the number of joints and ensure the waterproofing of flat roofs.

The RubberCover™ roofing system has been specially designed for residential roofs up to 150 m² such as garages, extensions, verandas, awnings, garden sheds, etc. It can also be used in gutters, as the RubberCover™ EPDM membrane allows rainwater recovery without treatment, in compliance with the legislation.

The intrinsic characteristics of Firestone's RubberCover™ EPDM synthetic rubber membrane and its flame-free installation make it the material of choice for wood-frame buildings.

It is also compatible with extensive green roofing, as well as with photovoltaic systems.

The RubberCover EPDM roofing systems allows quick and easy installation by companies trained by Firestone. It does not involve heavy work and contributes to achieving shorter deadlines.

Combining flexibility at low temperatures up to -45 °C, elongation greater than 300% and low weight (1.35 kg/m²), Firestone's RubberCover™ EPDM membrane adapts to the natural movements and irregularities of the support and to variations in temperature.

Tests carried out by the German research institute SÜDDEUTSCHE KUNSTSTOFF ZENTRUM (SKZ) demonstrate that UV-exposed EPDM membranes retain an elasticity of up to 150% on a 50-year scale due to their plasticizer-free composition.

* Experimental Technical Assessment.