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Photovoltaic Roofing System

Firestone TPO Photovoltaic Roofing System

Firestone UltraPly TPO Roofing Systems can easily be combined with any type of photovoltaic system:

  • Conventional mono- or poly-crystalline photovoltaic modules are installed onto a rack support system, held in place using ballast or anchored into the roof deck. Any rooftop penetrations are made watertight using the Firestone TPO accessories (Unsupported Flashing and pre-molded accessories).
  • Thin films (e.g. UniSolar) can be adhered to the TPO membrane using the Firestone QuickSeam Tape System.
  • CIGS panels (Solyndra) are installed onto a white UltraPly TPO Roofing System.

In order to guarantee the long term performance and watertightness of the roof, Firestone puts forward the following roof design:

  • Firestone proposes to use a 1.5 mm thick membrane with higher puncture resistance in order to avoid damage to the membrane because of traffic on the roof during the installation of the PV system and its maintenance.
  • Firestone proposes the use of rigid insulation boards with high compressive strength or use of a high density cover board in order to avoid damage to and crushing of the insulation boards, due to lack of long term compressive strength and/or traffic on the roof during the installation and maintenance of the PV system.
  • Firestone proposes to fully adhere the membrane onto a compatible support (e.g. Polyiso insulation or ISOGARD HD Cover Board) and to use Firestone insulation adhesive (or approved insulation plates and fasteners) to attach the insulation boards (requirement for a smooth and flat support in case of thin film laminates).

For more information on PV systems installed on Firestone Roofing Systems, download our PV brochure (PDF).