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Firestone is becoming Elevate

Today, Firestone’s iconic brand, a recognized industry leader in roofing, wall and lining systems, becomes Elevate™. Read more...

All about seams

Seam control? Piece of cake! Carrying out strong, durable seams is vital to guarantee the watertightness of a water reservoir. Read more...

DGNB Navigator Label

Firestone Building Products’ RubberGard EPDM and UltraPly TPO roofing membranes have recently been awarded the DGNB Navigator Label. Read more...

New Firestone Building Products App

Download the new Firestone Building Products App, to get our technical documents whenever and wherever you are

Elasticity and flexibility

Why is it so crucial for lining membranes to have these two characteristics and how does EPDM offer them in spades? Read more...

Welding TPO membranes

Achieving a good welding performance on TPO roofing membranes depends on several factors. Discover them

10 tips for roofing in the summer

Roofing in the summer? Follow these few simple tips to stay safe and continue to get the most out of your roofing products.

Firestone membranes stand up to hail

Building resiliency is becoming a necessity in today’s. Firestone Building Products roofing membranes stand up to hail. Read more...

Showing water where to go on a flat roof

Celebrating 25 years of UltraPly TPO