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Training on and off site ensures quality installation

A long-term performing lining system not only depends on a high-quality geomembrane, but equally on a professional installation. Only contractors who have successfully completed a comprehensive training program in one of Firestone’s training centres are allowed to install Firestone GeoGard EPDM Systems.

A variety of training programs

Firestone offers a variety of education and training programs for professional installers at Firestone’s training centers in Brussels (Belgium), Bratislava (Slovakia) and Beijing (China) as well as at regional locations. The goal of these programs is to familiarize contractors with the important aspects of performing a successful Firestone GeoGard EPDM System installation. Each training program is tailor made to provide detailed information on Firestone Lining Systems along with ample hands-on practice.

Technical Field Support

In order to ensure quality installation standards, Firestone’s training programs are extended on site thanks to a team of expert field technicians. During project start-ups Firestone’s field technicians assist contractors in performing a successful lining system installation. Firestone field technicians also conduct site inspections to verify whether the lining installation is in compliance with Firestone’s specifications.