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Training on and off roofs ensures quality design and installation
A sustainable roofing system not only depends on high-quality materials, but equally on appropriate design and professional installation. Firestone offers a variety of education and training opportunities with its Building Products University (BPU) programs in order to educate contractors, sales people, specifiers and building owners.

1) Hands-on Training Programs

Firestone offers a variety of hands-on training programs both at its training centers in Brussels (Belgium), Barcelona (Spain), Bratislava (Slovak Republic), Cheshire (UK) and Beijing (China), as well as at regional locations throughout Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia.
The objective of these programs is to educate roofing contractors with all aspects of a successful Firestone roofing installation. Each training program is tailor-made in order to provide detailed information on Firestone Roofing Systems along with ample hands-on practice. Only professional roofing contractors who have successfully completed a comprehensive training program are authorized to install Firestone Roofing Systems.
Firestone also organizes specification and calculation seminars for contractors, sales people, specifiers and building owners.

2) Technical Field Support

Firestone's training program is extended on to the roof thanks to a team of expert field technicians.
Firestone's field technicians assist its contractors in performing a successful installation during project start-ups. Field technicians also conduct site inspections to verify whether the roof installation is in compliance with Firestone's specifications.

3) BPU Education Programs

Finally, Firestone also offers a specific training program for sales people, architects, consultants and building owners to address a variety of questions before any roof installation to keep them on top of all their projects. BPU seminars combine classroom activities, in-depth discussions, question-answer periods and hands-on demo-sessions. Session instructors typically have between 10 and 20 years of direct roofing experience and all have international experience.
Our BPU training sessions cover a wide spectrum of roofing issues, including roof design, insulation, membrane selection, attachment method, maintenance, tear-off or recover, etc.
For more information on the BPU training program, download the BPU brochure (PDF) or contact the Firestone Technical Department.