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RubberGard EPDM

Firestone's installation standards are specified in acomprehensive installation guide including detail drawings.

Installation guidelines

The information provided within the Installation Guidelines may assist contractors to install the Firestone EPDM Systems in accordance with Firestone's specifications. It may also help contractors and designers to inspect the completed installation. The installation manual has been split up into different phases, which appear in a chronological order:

  1. Membrane Installation (PDF)
  2. Splicing (PDF)
  3. Base Tie-in (PDF)
  4. Wall Flashing (PDF)
  5. Corners (PDF)
  6. Pipe Penetrations (PDF)
  7. Drains and Scuppers (PDF)
  8. Expansion Joints (PDF)
  9. Roof Edges (PDF)
  10. Wall Terminations (PDF)
  11. Membrane Repair (PDF)
  12. Miscellaneous (PDF)

For a complete overview of the Installation specifications, consult the EPDM Technical Guidelines, chapter 3 (PDF).

Detail drawings

Each installation phase is illustrated in the above manual with one or more 3-dimensional drawings. The contractor may consult the 2- and 3-dimensional illustrations by clicking the link below or go to the Detail Drawings section.

EPDM Technical Guidelines, chapter 5 (PDF).