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Futuristic sports hall in the Czech Republic goes for UltraPly TPO

The new sports hall in Dolní Břežany, in central Bohemia, is not an ordinary school gym. With its unmistakable “spaceship” shape and its matt aluminum cladding, it draws attention to itself while also reflecting its surroundings. Compact from the outside, it is vast inside.

Construction of this amazing building took place between 2013 and 2018. Materials of the highest quality were selected, including Firestone’s UltraPly TPO roofing membrane to cover the 1,400 m² roof. The 1.5 mm thick membrane was mechanically attached to the wooden deck structure, following the roof design provided by Firestone’s technical department in Bratislava.

Because of its proximity to Prague, Dolní Břežany has experienced in recent years a surge in demographic and urban development projects. The sports hall, which is used by students of the local elementary school during school hours and by local sports clubs during the remaining hours, is a truly multifunctional space that can also be used for cultural events. Since its opening, it has become a local landmark, creating a new focal point of the local social life.

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