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Key features & benefits

Protects. Conserves. Endures.

The ISOGARD HD cover board spreads the load and protects the boards underneath. It therefore often pays, from a life-cycle cost perspective, to protect the insulation boards with ISOGARD HD cover boards.

Quick and easy to use

ISOGARD HD cover board is easy to cut and handle for quick fabrication around roofing elements such as drains or other penetrations, reducing installation time and labour costs. A single 1.22 m x 2.25 m sheet of the lightweight ISOGARD HD cover board weighs only 5 kg, meaning easy manipulation and placement.

An added measure of protection

With a compressive strength of more than 800 kPa (5 to 6 times that of a normal PIR insulation board), ISOGARD HD cover board adds structural strength to the entire roofing system and helps to absorb the effects of hail, worker traffic and other potentially damaging impacts. Adding an ISOGARD HD cover board over a mineral wool insulation at least doubles the load capacity.

Outstanding performance qualitie

ISOGARD HD cover board leads to superior wind uplift performance, lays flat and requires fewer fasteners per 1.22 m x 2.25 m board compared to 25 mm Polyiso insulation boards. ISOGARD HD Cover Board has the highest thermal performance (determined by ASTM C518) of any 12 mm cover board, and it is resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Environmentally friendly

ISOGARD HD cover board is composed of mold-resistant material that does not support growth of damage-causing fungi and bacteria. The board is manufactured with a 100% fiberglass, mold- and moisture resistant facer. ISOGARD HD contains more than 9% of post consumer and post industrial recycled content combined. The foam technology does not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer (zero ODP) and uses a HCFC-free blowing agent with a GWP of less than 5.