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Key features & benefits

Mechanical fastening of insulation or cover boards can be difficult and labor intensive in case of a concrete deck. Puncturing the vapor barrier is often not allowed in case of buildings with high interior humidity levels. Mechanical fastening of the insulation boards reduces the total R-value of the total roofing system because of cold bridging.

Using a PU adhesive eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners, eliminates cold bridging and thus allows, in some cases, to reduce the insulation thickness by 10 to 15% for the same R-value of the total roofing system.

The Firestone I.S.O. Twin Pack contains no solvents and sets in minutes. Application is quick and easy resulting in significant labor savings for the contractor. The adhesive can be applied using the handtool 'Twin Pack Hand Dispenser' or the semi-automatic 'Twin Pack Four Bead dispenser' for quicker installation.