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Giscolene L

The perfect fit for lining applications

Firestone Giscolene L EPDM is a synthetic rubber waterproofing membrane specifically designed for applications such as:

  • Decorative ponds
  • Natural swimming pools and ponds
  • Agricultural ponds and pits
  • Silage covers


Membrane dimensions can be adjusted to the specific needs of each project, which guarantees a quick and easy installation. This also limits the waste percentage and reduces the weather dependence of the installation.

Quick and easy to install

The tailor-made quality of the Giscolene L EPDM membrane makes it very easy to install, without the need to make any assemblies on site. No special tools or machinery are needed and details such as pipe penetrations and corners can be carried out easily.


The Giscolene L EPDM membrane is suitable for a wide range of supports and has an elastic elongation of over 300% in all directions without cracking. This great flexibility allows it to perfectly match the shapes of the pond and adapt to the movements of the support. The membrane remains flexible throughout its life, even at temperatures as low as -45 °C.

Environmentally friendly

The exceptional durability of the Giscolene L EPDM membrane significantly reduces its environmental impact. Chemically inert, it does not release pollutants into the air or in the water, making it safe for aquatic fauna and flora.

Certified quality

The Giscolene L membrane is manufactured at Firestone Building Products’ EPDM production facility in Terrassa (Spain), which has obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. The membrane bears the CE-marking and has also been tested and certified to various international and national standards, such as the French ASQUAL certification for the Giscolene L120.

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