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GeoSmart EPDM applications

Irrigation reservoirs

Firestone GeoSmart EPDM can be used in a variety of agricultural applications, such as irrigation reservoirs. The membrane does not release any chemicals into the water and has a life expectancy of several decades, regardless of whether the membrane is exposed or covered.

Dung pits

Firestone GeoSmart EPDM provides an easy and cost-efficient solution to store animal slurry. Long-term  watertightness is essential to protect the ground and water quality.

Silage covers

The Firestone GeoSmart EPDM membrane provides an optimal solution for silage cover applications, protecting the feed from air and water intrusion while preserving its nutritional value. Its exceptional durability allows the same liner to be re-used for several years. More info...

Water containment

Besides agricultural applications, there are other water containment projects that require an efficient and reliable waterproofing membrane, such as stormwater reservoirs designed to reduce the risk of floods or fire reservoirs that keep water available for firefighting.

Waste water reservoirs

GeoSmart EPDM membranes have a wide range of chemical resistance and will protect the environment from potential pollution. Always contact your local Firestone representative to check the chemical compatibility of the EPDM liner.