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Dependable performance in a variety of applications

Firestone GeoGard EPDM Lining Systems are engineered to provide dependable performance in a wide variety of applications where Firestone geomembranes function as liners, caps and covers.

  • Agricultural applications:
    • ​Irrigation reservoirs and canals
    • Agricultural ponds and dung pits
    • Aquaculture ponds
    • Algae ponds
    • Hydroponic farming
    • Ensilage covers
  • Environmental protection:
    • Constructed wetlands
    • Waste water reservoirs
    • Storm water reservoirs
    • Landfill capping
    • Mining waste containment
  • Industrial applications:
    • Settlement lagoons
    • Artificial snow reservoirs
    • Hydroelectric reservoirs and canals
    • Fire reservoirs
  • Artificial lakes