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From roofing projects with pre-assembled skylights and corners, to pre-made 3D shaped liners for natural swimming pools with stairs and corners, the proliferation of local thermo and hot bonding installations with customers has expanded the “made to measure” concept to a wide variety of applications.

Quick and technically advanced waterproofing solutions can be offered for a wide range of applications through local production by specialized companies.

Pre-fabricator partners complete their own system based on Firestone Building Product’s clean and textured EPDM membrane in order to fit it neatly to a wide variety of applications. They design their own (mechanical) fixing systems, adhesives, details, certifications and applications in segments including, but not limited to, roofing, lining and facades.

Key features & benefits

Pre-fabricators’ stock levels and the investment tied up in “raw materials” (as partners call the EPDM membrane) tend to be low in comparison with trading companies of the same size, as custom sized panels are made to order.
Partners usually have local welding/cutting machines, or other equipment where joints, strips and other shapes (e.g. round shapes for tanking) can be pre-made in a factory-controlled environment. This system enables posterior installation without any or with only limited quantities of solvent-containing products.


The EPDM membrane for pre-fabricators consists of a sustainable 1.5 m wide EPDM rubber membrane available in thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 2 mm. As a standard accessory, EPDM hot bonding tape is available for welding membranes together with specialized platen presses.

Technical information

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