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Reinforced Mechanically Attached System

Firestone Reinforced Mechanically Attached System (RMA)


The Firestone EPDM RMA System is a lightweight, non-penetrating mechanically attached system developed around the QuickSeam RMA strip: a strip of reinforced EPDM membrane incorporating two strips of self-adhesive QuickSeam Splice Tape laminated along each edge over the length of the strip.


  • No penetration of EPDM membrane
  • Use of large EPDM panels
  • Fewer seams
  • Fast coverage
  • Lightweight system
  • Aesthetics
  • High wind uplift performance


The QuickSeam RMA strips are laid out over an acceptable substrate and mechanically secured to the roof deck with batten bars or plates and fasteners. Spacing of the strips and/or fasteners differs to accommodate for wind loadings. Large EPDM panels (typically 6.10 m to 9.15 m wide) are then adhered to the QuickSeam RMA strips using standard QuickSeam Splice Tape seaming techniques. In perimeter zones, membrane panels can also be fully adhered to the substrate instead of using the RMA strips. Adjoining sheets are overlapped a minimum of 100 mm and spliced with QuickSeam Splice Tape. All flashings around roof perimeters and penetrations are installed in accordance with Firestone specifications (PDF).

Prior to selection of this system, the specifier should evaluate whether the roof deck will provide sufficient pull-out resistance for the fastening system.