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Giscolene F

Firestone Giscolene F EPDM is a strip of EPDM membrane used to seal facades, around window frames or behind various types of claddings.

The Giscolene F EPDM can also be used as thru-wall flashing in masonry walls to prevent ground water to move up in the walls or to guide rain water out of cavity walls in both commercial and residential buildings.

Firestone Building Products offers a full line of accessories that allow Giscolene F EPDM to be installed to a variety of surfaces.

For further information on these applications, please contact us.

Key features & Benefits

  • Over 300% elasticity which allows high tolerance to structural or thermal movements of supports
  • Good UV resistance (thickness dependent)
  • Wide range of vapor permeability
  • Compatible with most building materials
  • Outstanding life expectancy
  • High resistance to extreme temperatures (-45°C to 130°C)
  • Suitable for long-term contact with water or damp
  • Low environmental impact
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Contributes to building airtightness
  • Lightweight (1 mm = 1 kg/m²)


  • Width: from 10 to 150 cm (5 cm increment)
  • Thickness: 0.50 mm, 0.75 mm, 1.00 mm
  • Length: 20 m

Other dimensions are available on request

Codes and Approvals

Firestone Giscolene EPDM is CE certified in accordance with EN 13984 “Flexible sheets for waterproofing. Plastic and rubber vapour control layers. Definitions and characteristics” and EN 14909 “Flexible sheets for waterproofing. Plastic and rubber damp proof courses. Definitions and characteristics”.

Quality manufacturing

Firestone's state-of-the-art EPDM manufacturing facilities follow stringent quality control guidelines from raw material selection to finished product testing. EPDM manufacturing plants have been certified according to ISO 9001 for their quality management system.