Metal gutters are usually torn off and replaced during the refurbishment of residential roofs. However, this can be a costly and complex operation that generates a significant amount of waste. Folding new zinc or copper gutters also requires specialized craftmanship.

Firestone Building Products now offers a cost-effective, durable and easy to install alternative. RubberGutter EPDM SA is a self-adhered, synthetic EPDM rubber waterproofing membrane especially conceived to give metal gutters a second, very long service life.

Installation is very quick and easy and does not require special tools. RubberGutter EPDM SA’s unique Secure Bond technology ensures uniform and strong adhesion across the entire membrane, from edge to edge, without the need to apply adhesive on site. Simply peel off the release liner to waterproof the gutter and give it a new life!


Quick and easy to install


No flames or adhesives are required to install RubberGutter EPDM SA. Its exclusive Secure Bond technology ensures a strong and durable adhesion to the substrate. The membrane is 1.3 mm thick and is available from stock in 75 cm wide x 20 m long rolls (other widths are available upon demand). Details such as drains, corners and seams can be easily done with a minimum of materials, such as Firestone Building Products’ EasySealant.


Elastic and durable


RubberGutter EPDM SA offers outstanding resistance to UV exposure, ozone and extreme weather conditions. Its high elasticity allows it to adapt perfectly to the daily expansions and contractions of metal gutters. The membrane does not contain any plasticizers or antioxidants that can migrate and cause its premature aging, ensuring no cracking or splitting.


Aesthetic finish


Gutters lined with RubberGutter EPDM SA look smooth and uniform. The membrane’s dark color makes the eventual traces of dirt less visible.


Environmentally friendly


RubberGutter EPDM SA is chemically inert. The membrane does not release any pollutants, allowing rainwater to be recuperated. Its exceptional durability and ease of repair further reduces its environmental impact.


Certified quality


RubberGutter EPDM SA is manufactured at Firestone Building Products’ EPDM factory in Terrassa (Spain), which is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.